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Water facility

Construction of ponds and reservoirs. Create decorative waterfalls and fountains

Construction of ponds and reservoirs.

Creating streams, waterfalls and fountains.

Water since time immemorial fascinated man his attention. Looking at the falling water at a waterfall or fish floating in the pond listening to the murmur of water from the fountain of people are able to throw off the accumulated tension, recharge tranquility and gain strength for a long time.

Nowadays, when the time is running very fast, people, more than ever, need to be able to relax and unwind.

Fountain has always been considered an element of luxury and financial wealth. As an element of architectural design, the fountain was used relatively recently, thanks to the rising popularity of feng shui. Today the fountain is quite accessible to man, even with average incomes.

Building a garden pond .

Even the smallest ornamental pond make richer garden. It is quite suitable as a watering place for swimming or birds or small animals.

When you create a reservoir the size of his worth to choose the rate of the square on which it will be located.

  • Depth of 60 to 80 cm is recommended for 3-5 sqm of water surface
  • The depth of from 80 to 100 cm for 5-12 sq.m.
  • If the area of ​​the reservoir is more than 15 meters, then the depth of the pond should be at least 100 cm

To be able to repopulate the pond water inhabitants, needed pond area not less than 6kv.m..and a depth of not less than 80 cm, of course, the larger the pond, the more diverse and its flora and fauna.

Note that the pond deeper than 80 cm, in the winter does not freeze to the bottom that allows the fish to hibernate in it, due to the remaining oxygen in the water .

Building decorative pond 

Decorative ponds can be divided into several types, depending on the production technology of ponds and reservoirs.

  • Polyethylene make small ponds, from 130 to 900 liters.
  • Films are the most popular material for decorative ponds. Most commonly used PVC coverings, such films are up to 15 years, and butyl rubber, and can last up to 50 years.
  • Decorative ponds of fiberglass. In the operation of fiberglass will not burn in the sun and not osypletsya.
Location when creating an ornamental pond in the garden area, selected according to the fact that the pond should be located under the sun for at least 5 hours a day, as well as near deciduous trees are not desirable, since their root systems can damage the bottom, in the worst case, breaking the waterproofing pond system. Also the autumn, when the trees start exfoliate, they fall into the water and settle to the bottom, causing putrefaction, which in turn leads to an undesirable enrichment medium microflora ornamental pond, which, in turn, leads to increased formation of algae and violation of the oxygen balance.

Creating a garden stream

One only has to sit near a little creek, listening to the murmur of water, all the problems go nowhere, and the person is charged with energy. 
We create garden streams so that they closely resembled the real natural streams. For the construction of garden streams fit any slopes. Any open lawn can be revived with the help of man-made water flow edged stones and ornamental plants.

Creating a decorative waterfall

Create decorative waterfalls possible almost anywhere on your garden plot to the apartment.The most popular decorative waterfalls in the garden area. Decorative waterfall on the plot, is able to give a unique charm to the whole site. Decorative waterfall, contains a unique style, the surrounding landscape provides a special atmosphere. Slowly cascade water falls, even her murmur, not only can give a vivid personality, but also the uniqueness of the form of a garden site, but also have a positive impact on your health and life in general. Building waterfalls and selection of equipment for the waterfalls. Sales of equipment for waterfalls.

Creating and building waterfalls, despite its apparent simplicity, is no easy task, as an engineering and architectural point of view. Usually, only an expert can properly perform the calculations required for the construction of waterfalls. It is also necessary to choose the right equipment for decorative waterfall.

Our company creates a waterfall that will look like a work of art, is the pride of the owners, and all engineering communications and supplies will be hidden from view, and does not remind you of what is an artificial construction. Your decorative waterfall quite come for a little miracle of nature!

Creating a garden fountain

Garden fountain will bring to the sound of the water garden, and a lot of sun glare. Garden fountains are very diverse. Garden fountain can be free, natural style, and perhaps correct geometry .

Water and stone very well with each other. One of the most popular types of garden fountains - it is drilled stone fountains. Such fountains water shoots straight out of a hole in the rock and falls into the bottom of the container.

Decorative fountain in the pond

Fountains in the little lake, around which live goldfish swim - one of the most beautiful elements of the landscape, which not only pleases the eye, but also the soul. Most people like to just relax far away from this fountain and listen to the sound of water in it. Add to this a splash of water in the pond and fish movement in the water, and you get unsurpassed picture.

This can create a fountain in the garden, or in a pond, you can diversify the interior living room a small fountain. Effectively complement fountain lights using floating and underwater lights. To decorate the fountain pond, we use plants and ornamental stones of various sizes.Plants for example, arranged for concealing the equipment, besides, the presence in the pond plants, making it alive.

Fountain aerator in the lake

For large bodies of water fountain, besides the aesthetic function is used to saturate the water with oxygen. After installation of the fountain in the pond water circulation improves and health improves aquatic life. Fountain aerator helps to preserve the biological balance of the pond, and prevents stagnant processes in water, besides the presence of the fountain in the pond is reduced population of mosquitoes and flies arrogant .

Maintenance of water facilities

Detailed information on the operation of water facilities you can get by clicking on the  link.

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