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Посев газонной травы



"When digging in the garden, it's time to philosophize."

Ray Bradbury - "Dandelion Wine"

Homeland lawn - England. For most people in Britain without a garden lawn - not a garden, and large estates are sometimes a huge lawn. In medium size garden lawn is removed about half of the area, and the rest of the land cultivated with flowers and shrubs, build greenhouses, vegetable beds break. The English say: "To create a good lawn, need 200 years." For us, it's amazing and a reminder of how seriously the lawns in their homeland. But thanks to the new technologies of their cultivation and protection from pests and diseases, today we can get the lawn of your dreams: eco-friendly, unpretentious, not requiring painstaking care much faster.

Low grass cover on a summer day at least 5 ° C below the temperature of the empty lot, as well as at least 15 ° C below the temperature of concrete pavement or asphalt roads. Lawn grass is perfect for children's play and recreation during the summer season, an accomplishment ornamental plantings.

Seeding lawn grass

One of the most economical ways to create a lawn , lawn seeding is from scratch.

The benefits of planting a lawn include the following:
  • When sowing plants are easy to adapt to natural conditions;
  • Seeding a lawn is performed from mid-April to the end of August;
  • Seeding a lawn can be done even in November and December;
  • Possibility of selecting grass mixture for you;
  • Seeding a lawn is the cheapest way of landscaping.

The main disadvantages include planting lawn  need about 25-35 cm of fertile soil, possible defective seed germination due to their original poor quality seed pecking birds, need to remove the weeds, as well as a long process of creating a lush lawn quality, which can run from a few months to two years .

To create a beautiful green lawn, it is necessary to carry out the preparatory work on the list of pre-selected site and plan. We know how to do it.

Call us and we are happy to perform complex operations on planting turf grass on your site.

Sale and laying sod

Laying sod enables to accelerate the process of creating a beautiful green lawn. Any parcel of bare land with the help of turf will instantly stunning views.

Turf grown on the fields, using special technology and special equipment for planting and care. The hard work for several years to create a high-quality dense lawn with densely intertwined root system. This allows even after cutting turf, not to crumble the ground, allowing the transport lawn rolls followed him laying in any territories.

Despite the fact that the turf is relatively cheap pleasure, there are lots of benefits far exceeding the price:

  • This instant landscaping areas from spring to late autumn;
  • High quality turf, density and intensity of the color;
  • Turf is sufficiently resistant to mechanical damage;
  • This type of lawn is practically devoid of weeds;
  • Turf is not the first time requires constant feeding;
  • To lay the lawn takes approximately 8-10 cm of fertile soil.

Turf - a great way to quickly and easily turn any piece of land into a beautiful lawn. Laying of the lawn does not take much time.

Call us, and our team will laying sod on your site quality and in the shortest time.

Lawn "turnkey"

Lawn - a great way to quickly and easily turn any piece of land into a beautiful lawn. Our team will perform all work on the device lawn quality and in the shortest time, and a great view of the lawn before the porch of the house or any other piece of land will be guaranteed.

Our company is not the first in the market of Ukraine lawns. People turn to us as individuals and organizations as well as after the construction of a new home or other structure is always the issue of improving the appearance of the surrounding area. Any area of ​​land, with the help of lawn grass we will change beyond recognition.

Lawn maintenance.

Detailed information on the operation of lawn you can get by clicking on the link.

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