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Service territory

Service area

Service territory.

"No matter what you do, it is important that everything you touch, change shape, becoming not the same as before, that it remained particle yourself. This is the difference between a person shearers grass on the lawn, and the present gardener. first pass, and it is gone, but the gardener will live more than one generation. "

Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 °


E ven the most unpretentious ornamental plants, unlike their wild relatives in need of constant care professional. Due to the enormous lack of time for maintenance, garden, that man creates his own hands, is rapidly losing its original appearance, or dies.

It is difficult to combine and business man and caring gardener, do their own thing and look at your own site. Contain meaningless staff gardeners, landscapers electricians, installers, handymen in their plot. It is certainly possible to hire workers from a nearby construction site, but where is the guarantee of quality, accountability and results?

We propose to shift all the hassle of maintenance of your site on our shoulders, calmly relax and enjoy the results. And all the necessary work will fulfill our specialists. And our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Call us and we will start our cooperation now!

Complex service territory, "Gardener".

Service integrated service territory "Gardener", which provides the company "101OZELENITEL", this is an opportunity not to combine opposites, coming home and just relax enjoying the pristine comfort of his estate.

On your site we will do:

  • cut hedges;
  • sanitary and decorative molding pruning;
  • trimming trees;
  • care of the orchard;
  • watering plants;
  • fertilizer and pesticide handling green spaces;
  • weed control and mowing the lawn;
  • manual combing the lawn and aeration;
  • roll sod lawn repair and reseeding sparse areas;
  • molding pruning roses and other perennials;
  • weeding rosaries, flowerbeds and rock;
  • to replace the colors are faded on flowering ;
  • care of the pond and waterfall : cleaning, minor repairs, temporary preservation ;
  • maintenance of irrigation systems and outdoor lighting;
  • preparation of shrubs, trees, flowers, ponds for winter;
  • Vacation cleaning leaves from the lawn;
  • other works for the integrated service area.

Our specialists are specially trained and excellent command of knowledge which are necessary for the professional care of your site. The company's staff "101OZELENITEL" take over all difficulties. And our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

To ompleksnoe service territory, "Express gardener."

Service: "Express gardener" allows urgently call a professional assistant or team mates care site for emergency, such as when your gardener could not perform his duties for a number of reasons, or you yourself have decided to take a break from business affairs.

Our "gardener" or Team "gardeners" will perform all kinds of work to care for your site.

To order the service "Express gardener," You just need to call us and describe the work that must be done, and we will gladly send it to you or assistant brigade. And our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Complex service territory, "all inclusive".

Service: the service area "all inclusive" (an all inclusive). We thought about what you do not have time to deal with on the procurement of supplies and to monitor the maintenance of your site.

We control all!

We will do everything that you do not think about the purchase and delivery to the site of fertilizers and plant protection products, light bulbs for streetlights and spare nozzles for watering system. Also, our gardeners will do everything so that all the work was performed without disturbing your rest and relaxation, and our managers will monitor the results. And our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Comprehensive care for the orchard and fruit and berry bushes.

Care orchard and fruit-berry bushes from our company is a comprehensive service that includes a number of works that are associated with the maintenance of order in your garden:

haircut trees
  • renewal pruning fruit trees and fruit bushes;
  • molding pruning fruit trees and fruit bushes;
  • sanitary pruning fruit trees and fruit bushes;
  • fertilizer and pesticide handling of fruit trees and fruit bushes;
  • "Treatment" of fruit trees and fruit bushes;
  • whitewashing the trunks of fruit trees;
  • Remove old or sick fruit trees and fruit bushes;
  • device a new garden;
  • watering fruit trees and fruit bushes.

Maintenance of the green areas, it is quite hard work, which, besides the love of plants and work outdoors, requires high-quality knowledge in the industry.
All work on garden care company "101OZELENITEL", performed only by specially trained people. Entrust pruning, cut trees, disease and pests greenery. And our prices will pleasantly surprise you. Entrust your garden to our experts, and you forget about the past difficulties and problems!

Comprehensive care for your lawn.

We conduct a comprehensive lawn maintenance. Comprehensive lawn care means:

Mowing the grass
  • mowing every 7-10 days or as regrowth of grass;
  • foliar fertilizers;
  • aeration, ie piercing pitch for access to the soil of oxygen;
  • weed control;
  • roll sod lawn repair and reseeding sparse areas;
  • manual combing the lawn;
  • removal of grass clippings transport company "101OZELENITEL."

Lawn maintenance - very hard work, which requires a person to not only knowledge and experience, but also great endurance and patience.

Entrust your lawn service to us and he will delight you with its health and beauty! And our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Complex care beds, flower beds, rose gardens and rock gardens.

Care beds, flower beds, rose gardens and rock gardens from our company is a comprehensive service that includes a number of works that are associated with the maintenance of order in your flower garden. This service means in itself:

care beds
  • molding pruning roses;
  • pruning perennials;
  • weeding rosaries, flower beds and rock gardens;
  • to replace the colors are faded on flowering;
  • foliar fertilizers;
  • weed control;
  • sowing and planting annuals;
  • watering plants;
  • removal of crop residues transport company "101OZELENITEL."

Contact us, and your garden will bloom and fragrance from April to November, and you will enjoy the cooperation with us.  And our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Mowing hedges and borders.

Hedge beautiful at any time of year!

haircut hedges

Hedges require service several times per season, because they consist of individual plants that can break down, sick, grow old. More attention has to be paid to the hedge in the spring - it's not heartless picket fence. She is a real beauty, wake up after winter sleep is necessary, pull, comb your hair.

Proper pruning can strengthen or weaken the contrary the growth of branches, as well as affect the flowering plants. Human interference with scissors in life green inhabitants garden plot causes a reaction, so cut stray locks of hair styles - this unique work features which we know well. Entrust this work to us!

Rejuvenating, molding, sanitary pruning trees and shrubs. garden pruning

Timely successful rejuvenating, molding, sanitary pruning trees and shrubs help to maintain the health of plants, their strength and beauty. As a result of pruning increases air circulation and penetration of sunlight into the crown, which prevents the development of disease. Pruning in fruit crops increases yield, fruit get a more attractive appearance.

Pruning must be done every year. Annual removal of several branches transferred plant less painful than hard pruning every few years.

We will spend in your garden: pruning fruit trees, fruit bushes, ornamental plants. Call us and we will carry out cutting and running and old plants in your garden.

Fertilizer and pesticide treatment greenery.


Everyone wants to have beautiful and healthy plants can be proud of. To obtain the desired result should periodically carry out preventive and eliminate chemical treatments against diseases and pests, as well as periodically feeding plants different fertilizers, including foliar growth stimulants.

We service department of "101OZELENITEL" know from their own experience that in addition to the knowledge and experience required to invest a lot of time and labor.

We appreciate your time, and so ready to take on all the landscape work to maintain a healthy, high-grade appearance of your green spaces and care for them.

Preparing for winter greenery.

For many plants winter time - enough time ordeal. Approach to solving this problem it is necessary to individually.

Preparing the garden and the site itself for the winter very important event, as it was dependent on it will look like your green property in the next year.

Our specialists have extensive experience in training of trees, shrubs, flower beds and lawns for the winter. Call us and we will carry the full range of preparation for the cold and weathering your greenery.

Cleaning and removal of trees, including emergency.

Work on trees or cleaning kronirovaniye implemented by trimming unnecessary branches. Such works are necessarily conducted by our experienced professionals. We will not tolerate damage to tree trunks and will correctly follow the safety rules.

removing hazardous trees

Tree removal is a necessary measure in order to protect themselves and standing next to the building. Our company carries out the entire tree felling and parts!

The main reasons for the felling of trees are:

  • tree disease;
  • hazardous trees;
  • clearing the area for construction work;
  • tree interferes with the growth of other plants.

Cut down a tree correctly is quite difficult, and for this we offer our assistance to the best specialists, deftly handles this task. Specialists of "101OZELENITEL" have considerable experience in emergency sawing trees, requiring some skill.

Service price is negotiable, and depends on the scale and complexity of the work .

Grounds maintenance.

Cleaning of the territory has its own characteristics in different seasons. Our services include a list of works on the harvest season in the fall and spring, so winter and summer. Holiday cleaning - this pledge of purity and order your infield.

List of major works by cleaning the area:


  • uprooting of trees and stumps;
  • cleaning of the area of ​​the vegetation;
  • mowing grass meadow;
  • mowing weeds;
  • mowing of reeds;
  • sweeping territory;
  • cleaning the site of large and small debris;
  • garbage collection;
  • cleaning leaves;
  • removing old grass;
  • cleaning kitchen garden;
  • cleaning areas;
  • snow removal from the territory and the roofs of buildings;
  • cleaning ice;
  • snow removal;
  • strew sand pavements, sidewalks and playgrounds;
  • garbage from the territory.


"101OZELENITEL" - is your mate at any time of year.

Care pond, fountain and waterfall.

Waters on the site must be maintained in a clean and tidy. In fact, care of the pond or pond - it's not as easy as it seems. This applies to many different devices, each of which serves a different purpose.

The secret of success in the care of the pond - do the right thing at the right time. In the case of a pond to observe this rule, perhaps, more important than the care of an ordinary garden. At the same time each year correspond to their work.

Major work on the care of a pond, a fountain or waterfall, conducted by "101OZELENITEL":

Care pond


  • pumping water from the reservoir;
  • Clean the pond fountain or waterfall;
  • transplant aquatic plants;
  • combating algal blooms in the pond;
  • minor repairs  pond fountain or waterfall;
  • temporary conservation pond, fountain or waterfall;
  • preparing for winter pond, fountain or waterfall.


Call us and we will do this work for you!

Complex service of automatic and Micro-irrigation.

microdroplet wateringAutomatic watering system - this is one of the most important engineering systems of any site.

Service and maintenance system avtopolivom from "101 landscapers," a guarantee of quality and confidence in the efficiency of your irrigation system for many years.

Very often happens that the watering system, after installation, remain without service. Our experts are ready to serve your pleasure with an automatic irrigation system.

In service maintenance includes watering routine trips (seasonal service, carried out twice a year - in spring and autumn) and unplanned (emergency) exits for the elimination of breakage or failure.

Spring setting up and running an automatic irrigation system.

What is the spring service automatic watering system?

This is a complete setup, and run all the elements of the system avtopolivom:

automatic watering


  • installation (start) pump;
  • setting the programmer;
  • cleaning nozzles from mechanical impurities;
  • setting radii and irrigation sectors.


All work is carried out by trained specialists "101OZELENITEL."

Autumn conservation automatic irrigation system.

As with any engineering system, irrigation system requires a mandatory routine maintenance.

Autumn automatic irrigation system maintenance, involves draining the automatic irrigation system for the winter. To the list of mandatory conservation works on autumn automatic irrigation system include:

  • Removing the pump;
  • disable the controller;
  • purging separately each irrigation zone.

Our experts purged watering system with compressed air using a compressor unit that guarantees the absence of water in the system, which in turn can cause your system unusable when frost.

Repair of an automatic irrigation system.

What is "automatic irrigation system repair"?

For minor repair irrigation systems include replacement of parts irrigation systems damaged mower, as well as any other services for setting up of irrigation systems and debugging controller during its operation.

This service is offered by our company without delay. Call us and we will immediately send you a service team, and all problems will be solved irrigation systems in a matter of hours.

Maintenance of street lighting.

We carry out maintenance of street lighting.

About Selected light installation for many reasons loses its effectiveness and crashes during the operation of street (landscape, landscape, facade and water) lighting.

List of the main reasons for the service:

  • lamps contaminated and clogged by foreign bodies, which reduces the photometric characteristics of the devices;
  • over time lamps are deteriorating and need to be replaced, and this is another reason for the maintenance of street lighting;
  • because the installation is outdoors, it is exposed to external factors such as natural disasters or weather surprises or set of circumstances;
  • Well, no one is safe from vandalism, as well as birds, animals, rodents, etc.

Our experts will diagnose and cleanse your lighting; buy and replace light bulbs, check and serve sensors, test, and if need be, then repair or replace the equipment to monitor and control such as control cabinets, electrical and so on.

Repair of street lighting.

We carry out repairs of street lighting as there is nothing eternal. Certain elements can wear out over time, as a result of the event will also need to repair street lighting. Our specialists will perform the installation of new lighting systems, as well as replace the old cable and air network, set up equipment to monitor and control lighting.

Other services from "101OZELENITEL."

Unfortunately, it is difficult to describe all the services that our company on a single sheet.

If you are interested in a service that is not in this list, just call us and we will provide it to you.


On a permanent basis, and one-time fee, we specialists "101OZELENITEL" issue: cut hedges; sanitary pruning, trimming trees, orchard care, watering plants, fertilizer and pesticide handling greenery, weed control and mowing , manual comb and aerate the lawn, repair the lawn and turf roll sparse sowing plots; molding pruning roses and other perennials, weeding rosaries, flowerbeds and rock; care pond and waterfall; maintenance of irrigation systems and outdoor lighting, while others work for complex service plot.

When a contract for regular maintenance, we will develop the optimum service program, draw up and agree with you the schedule of works, according to which all the necessary measures to maintain the health of your garden and decorative. All you need bring with you and not leave extra traces behind. Entrust service professionals!

We have the lowest prices, warranty, quality and integrity. Call us, we will necessarily agree.


Call us, our phones:

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