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Planting of trees

Рулонный газон

Planting of trees and shrubs.

Planting large trees.

For landscaping yards, streets, parks and squares have always been used plantations of trees. Trees - is a good way to maintain the natural beauty of the environment. Popular now planting large trees almost always produce positive results.

The possibility of landing a variety of trees and ornamental plants is very dependent on the time of year. Spring and autumn are the most positive time for planting .

When spring begins during the growing season due to higher temperatures, there comes the best time for planting. 
There are species for which more favorable autumn planting, such as hawthorn, linden, maple, etc.

"101OZELENITEL" offers professional planting trees and plants with the necessary fertilizers and nutritious food source, as well as subsequent maintenance and plant care.

Preparation for planting trees and shrubs

Before planting a tree, we prepare a place, soil and even the very root system of the plant.Our laborers dig a big pit and covered with soil podgotavlenny there previously saturated with nutrients, for better survival rate of seedlings.

Planting of trees and shrubs .

Our experts know that you need to plant a tree exactly perpendicular to the ground, the tree should be at a depth of root collar, and that after planting, tree-position, his position necessarily secured with stretch marks.

Planting of ornamental plants (arborvitae, boxwood, juniper) .

Planting of ornamental plants - it is also a complex process, all the subtleties of which we know and are constantly reviewing.

Ornamental plants are very finicky to "residence", so we will start to study the landing landing area, making the layout plan, in which fix all the factors affecting the "quality of life" of the plant.

Planting trees.

The best time of planting trees can be considered in March, April, September and October the winter months when the temperature is below 15 ° C, nepromerzluyu ground.

Plants grown in containers can be planted even in the hot summer - with proper watering and shading seedlings.

Planting large trees

The most difficult procedure in planting trees krupnomerov - here we will use a special technique. Winter - the most favorable period for transplanting large trees.

Conifers must-transplanted with intact root lumpy. Therefore, it is important the right choice of timing.

Planting fruit trees and a garden unit .

The best planting time apple and pear - October, stone fruit - early spring. The delay in spring planting can lead to loss of trees due to strong desiccation.

Experts of "101OZELENITEL" know when and know how to create a garden that will delight you for years to come.

Maintenance of the green

One of the main consequences of emerging pests or plant diseases, it is drying. To prevent pests and diseases of all types of green spaces, you need to regularly handling pesticides and crop or cut unnecessary or unviable branches. Detailed information on all sorts of different kinds of maintenance of green spaces, you can get by clicking on the link.

Call us and we will do all sorts of planting and maintenance of green spaces.

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