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Automatic watering

Automatic watering

Automatic watering

Autumn special: conservation and automatic drip irrigation from 100 UAH/zona

Automatic watering system - is the construction of the underground type pads, which function is timely , smooth and uniform irrigation of landscaped areas set automatically. Backbone equipment automatic irrigation system consists of sprinklers (sprinkler heads) , solenoid valves ( responsible for opening and closing the water supply to the irrigation areas ) , controller (computer-aided management of irrigation ) . Additional equipment : plastic pipe for irrigation fittings piping connections , sensors (rain , soil moisture ) . Advantages of automatic irrigation system : uniformity of irrigation water savings (up to 50 percent ) , the accuracy of dosing water , timely irrigation, reduction of manual labor to a minimum.

Watering system is not a luxury, it is simply a personal savings of time and effort. Heavy buckets, long hoses, uneven irrigation - that's familiar to many disadvantages of manual work. Today lawn sprinkler system installed not only on small suburban areas, but also in large areas of local significance: stadiums, parks, etc.

The most important thing that the system avtopolivom simply requires you to careful monitoring. You can already see the seventh dream, while faithful design watering strawberry bushes. Another important advantage - an automatic watering system saves water. You once again make sure that is good to have a vacation home.

Installation of automatic irrigation system "turnkey".

Our company provides a service - installation of automatic irrigation system "turnkey" . Everything is included in the package of services: equipment ( required for automatic irrigation system , create a project avtopolivom system , the installation and configuration of an automatic irrigation system ) . We are engaged in the professional installation of automatic irrigation systems for more than a year , during this time had accumulated vast experience in installation work . Studied all the subtleties and nuances of the mounting case. All our installation teams possess a full level of knowledge that is required for the job. Closure assembly work secured act of reception and transmission of works and warranty on the work performed , which in turn is also our additional advantage over competitors. Installation of auto-irrigation - a delicate matter , so it is better to entrust it to professionals.

Design of an automatic irrigation system.

System design avtopolivom one of the stages , without which it is impossible to calculate the cost of your future system , and most importantly it is impossible to mount it . This service is free if the order of installation of automatic irrigation systems "turnkey" . But sometimes the customer only avtopolivom system design and installation work will be carried out either alone or team of builders , which is already working at the facility. It is for this and there is a separate service "Designing an automatic irrigation system ." The package of documents on designing an automatic irrigation system includes: - plan layout of pipes, sprinklers , solenoid valves ; plan diagram covering irrigation area ; specification and description of the equipment , the estimated cost of materials.

Maintenance of automatic irrigation systems.

Service and maintenance system avtopolivom from "101 ozelenitel," a guarantee of quality and confidence in the efficiency of your irrigation system. We gladly accept portions of our clients on service.

Very often it happens that after the installation of irrigation systems remain without service. Our experts are ready to serve your pleasure with an automatic irrigation system. Such service as servicing of automatic irrigation systems - is an advantage only professional companies.

What is included in the service:

Seasonal, planned visits carried out twice a year (fall and spring).

That includes a spring system? This system startup avtopolivom after winterizing: full customization of all elements of the system, setting the programmer cleaning nozzles from mechanical impurities, setting radii and sectors of irrigation, installation and commissioning of the pump.

Autumn maintenance in turn implies the conservation of the winter season: blowing separately each irrigation zone (blow by compressed air through the compressor unit) that guarantees the absence of water in the system, which can cause your system unusable when frost; removal pump off controller.

We provide additional visits, if necessary, for example, a constant problem watering system during operation is damage to its elements mower. In this case, you only need to dial the phone number of our company and we will send you a service crew in a matter of hours.

Repair of an automatic irrigation system.

A team of specialists of "101 ozelenitel" performed by a qualified repair due to breakage or inadequate work your automatic irrigation system.

Our experts are happy to go on the diagnosis and repair of your system.

There are quite a few reasons that may cause your site irrigation system inoperable. Here is a list of some of the most common failure automatic irrigation system - this pollution, breakthroughs in the pipeline, mechanical damage sprinklers, electro-magnetic valves. Failure of pumping stations, hydraulic accumulators and automation. The vast majority of these breakdowns due to either lack or quality service with no automatic watering system.

We, in turn, guarantee our customers that their irrigation system, which spent a lot of money, will work flawlessly.

The cost of repairs to the irrigation of your site into the fold after diagnosis to identify the problem.


Service an automatic irrigation system.

Detailed information on the operation of automatic irrigation system, you can get by clicking on the link.


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