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Landscape design

Landscape design and architecture.

Landscape design and landscape architecture.

" The architect can build walls, and only designer revive these walls and infuse them soul. .. "


Acquiring land outside the city, for sure, you are looking to spend more time in nature. Begin to create a comfortable environment for you, think about the landscaping. The question is who is a landscape architect, why you need a landscaper.

Landscape architecture - combining natural, construction and architectural components into a coherent composition. Formation of composition by using natural materials and architectural structures, maintaining existing and creating artificial landscapes.

Landscape design area is no less complicated and important task than the development of the project of building a house. Call us and we will gladly help you to overcome all these difficulties, and to cope with this task.  We will help you create a professional and competent project systems, landscaping and recreational areas of your site.

Development of the landscape project "turnkey".

Turning to us, you will receive a complete documentation package.

Professional landscaping project - a collection of many documents, some of which we can create according to your request, and the rest are required for any project.

Preparation of landscape documentation.

The package of documents that we prepare for you include:

  • master plan (map);
  • dendroplan;
  • drawings and diagrams (landings, system auto-irrigation, lighting, sidewalks, etc.);
  • perechetnuyu sheet on all planting material;
  • preliminary work schedule;
  • preliminary estimates;
  • description of the concepts developed area;
  • consult a landscape designer.

Familiarization with the site, its analysis and measurement.

The first stage of our cooperation is the general assessment of the projected area. Before you start designing our designer necessarily acquainted with the area, as they say "in the field":

  • explore the features of the site and its topography ,
  • analyze illumination
  • take a sample of soil for analysis
  • inventoried green spaces,
  • examine the availability of water and the possibility of existing pumping equipment.

Acquainted with the area, we will determine with you what kind of drainage system to use, which will be walkways, which will include hardscape, artificial ponds, flower gardens, shopping area, etc.

In the second stage of a landscape project, our specialists developed a conceptual design options that will display all the elements of improvement and their location on the site. After approval you one of the sketches, we proceed to the design documentation.

Engaged in a number of design professionals. Landscaper will help you realize your dreams, the surveyor will be a detailed plan of the site engineer - schema lighting systems and auto-irrigation. We'll take into consideration all your wishes and especially your site.


The third stage of development, are pre-work on the ground, which focused mainly on in-depth inventory of the site. This step creates such a pre-project documentation:

Topographic survey area.

  • Our experts conduct topographic survey area, the results of which we make a detailed topographic map showing the terrain, presence and character of natural water bodies and existing vegetation. In accordance with this document further, we make a plan of all the engineering work on the ground.

Situation plan of the site.

  • After we make the location plan , which is based on topographic includes all structures, buildings and driveways, located both on the site and in the surrounding areas.

Plan utilities.

  • Utilities plan we make with the utmost care, as it is based on it, draft establishment of any new buildings and renovation of existing ones.

Agrochemical soil analysis.

  • Agrochemical soil analysis we do in the lab. From the results of this analysis depends on the final selection of plants for planting, as well as the need to work for fertilizing soil and changes in its structure and properties.

Hydrological analysis of the soil.

  • Hydrologic soil analysis we conducted to study the groundwater on your site. We need to assess their depth, the direction of flow, cyclical fluctuations during the year and other parameters based on which we will plan and drainage works to address issues of irrigation. This analysis is also required for proper planting.

Inventory vegetation infield.

  • Vegetation inventory we do to address the preservation of the existing plants at the site, or to replace them.

Analysis of the light areas.

  • Insolyatsionny analysis (natural light) we carry for lighting design and shady areas, as well as planning for planting, lawn and flower beds breakdown, registration reservoirs MAFov. But most importantly, this analysis is needed to properly assess the appearance, which acquires land after completion of all work - in fact qualitatively designed landscape should look equally impressive in any light.

The final phase of works on landscape design - the actual design work themselves, entirely based on material prepared by us during the previous two stages.

Our company will also perform all kinds of work to translate the project into life, as well as to further the full services of their offspring.

We are always waiting for your call! Call us right now and we certainly agree with you!

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