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Система автоматического полива

Что такое система автополива?



Автоматический полив представляет собой систему коммуникаций, основная задача которой: поливать газон, цветы, сад, город и другие растения в определенное время суток и с нужным количеством воды. Автоматический полив – это система коммуникаций, труб, распылителей, роторов, электромагнитных клапанов и других деталей. Вся эта система управляется и программируется с помощью пульта управления – контроллера. Программировать систему автоматического полива достаточно легко, есть русскоязычная инструкция и уверяем, что это намного проще, чем научиться пользоваться современным телефоном.


Что такое ландшафтное освещение?

Ландшафтное освещение не только поможет вам и вашим гостям чувствовать себя комфортно, и уверено в ночной тиши вашего сада. Оно подчеркнет красоту ночного ландшафта, добавив новые краски и изменив вид привычных элементов.




Water from the roof

From the roof of a country house drains 50-100 cubic meters of rain and melt water per year. Storm sewer collects all the water drained from the roofs and displays it off-site. If this water is left unchecked, it forms a high humidity in large parts of the site. Consequence - rotting lawn, planting oppression, destruction of the foundation and the building itself.

Water from the surface

Even under ideal drainage properties of the soil, after a heavy or prolonged rain on the ground there are puddles.  Surface water accumulating in the lower areas, form undrained space, enhance groundwater flooding and garden paths. In areas with distinctive topography contribute to the process of erosion of soil.  In localities where the most common type of soil - loam, water on the surface of the earth can  long  after the rain. Change the situation will surface drainage.

Collection and removal of rain and melt water - is a necessary option in the engineering equipment of each country building object, whether it is home or garden. Setting quality stormwater help keep lawns, flower beds and flower beds, the house foundation, to collect water from the tracks, platforms and other coatings.

There are reasons to create the plot or infrastructure drainage system and stormwater:

• installing drainage on the plot, you will not only help prevent soil erosion and drainage of excess melt and groundwater, but also protects your drainage area land, it becomes more loose and fertile, while preserving all their nutrients. Ie creates ideal conditions for planting trees and shrubs, allowing you to enjoy the landscape design.

• Properly designed and well made surface drainage and storm drainage will significantly increase the life of the infrastructure, bring comfort and cleanliness in your area courtyards, streets and gardens.

Design of surface water drainage system (drainage)

Composition and stormwater scheme is determined at the landscape design and depends on the decision of the vertical planning of the site.Runoff form rain and meltwater.

The design of a system for the collection and removal of water from a garden plot may consist of inlet wells, drainage channels or chutes, sand traps and underground drains. Inlet well positioned on the tracks in lower places portion in drainpipes home. Drainage trays may be included in the construction of paths, playgrounds and blind area home. They collect and remove water directly into the bilge of inlet ditch or pit.

Installation of all types of drainage systems and storm drainage systems

When carrying out work related to the drainage area is better to turn to professionals who have extensive experience in the design of drainage area and needed a specialized tool to perform high-quality drainage area. And only after that you can be sure that the comfort of living in your home country will be very high, and the flowers will be amazing beauty through soil fertility!

We are the specialists of "101 landscapers" carry out work on:

• the design of surface water drainage system (drainage) for autonomous stormwater on soils of different types;

• assembly of all types of drainage systems and storm drainage systems;

• post-warranty maintenance of drainage systems.

Maintenance of drainage systems.

Detailed information on the operation of drainage systems and stormwater you can get by clicking on the  link.


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