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Landscape design. Landscape

Landscape design. Landscape

Acquiring land outside the city, for sure, you are looking to spend more time in nature. Begin to create a comfortable environment for you, think about the landscaping. The question is who is a landscape architect, why you need a landscaper.

Landscape architecture - combining natural, construction and architectural components into a coherent composition. Formation of composition by using natural materials and architectural structures, maintaining existing and creating artificial landscapes.

Landscape design area is no less complicated and important task than the development of the project of building a house. Call us and we will gladly help you to overcome all these difficulties, and to cope with this task. We will help you create a professional and competent project systems landscaping and recreational areas of your site.

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Service territory.

Service territory.Even the most undemanding ornamental plants, unlike their wild relatives in need of constant care professional. Due to the enormous lack of time for maintenance, garden, that man creates his own hands, is rapidly losing its original appearance, or dies.

We propose to shift all the hassle of maintenance of your site on our shoulders, calmly relax and enjoy the results. And all the necessary work will fulfill our specialists. And our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

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Treatment of pests and diseases

Treatment of pests and diseasesIt is difficult to combine and business man and caring gardener, do their own thing and look at your own site. Contain meaningless staff gardeners, landscapers electricians, installers, handymen in their plot. It is certainly possible to hire workers from a nearby construction site, but where is the guarantee of quality, accountability and results? Our company is engaged in the professional service area plots. The sooner you call, the more time and effort to save.

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Lawn.Lawn is quite simple and at the same time an indispensable attribute of any arrangement and landscaping of the infield, garden or park. With it you can create a piece of bright attractive nature that pleases aesthetically pleasing, releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, dust and other contaminants. Only from the appearance of green, juicy and bright lawn significantly improved view of any territory. In addition, well-groomed lawn significantly increases the estimated value of any property.

Low grass cover on a summer day at least 5 ° C below the temperature of the empty lot, as well as at least 15 ° C below the temperature of concrete pavement or asphalt roads. Lawn grass is perfect for children's play and recreation during the summer season, an accomplishment ornamental plantings.

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Planting of trees and shrubs. Planting large trees.

Planting of trees and shrubs.  Planting large trees.For landscaping yards, streets, parks and squares have always been used plantations of trees. Trees - is a good way to maintain the natural beauty of the environment. Popular now planting large trees almost always produce positive results.

The possibility of landing a variety of trees and ornamental plants is very dependent on the time of year. Spring and autumn are the most positive time for planting.

When spring begins during the growing season due to higher temperatures, there comes the best time for planting. There are species for which more favorable autumn planting, such as hawthorn, linden, maple, etc.

"101OZELENITEL" offers professional planting trees and plants with the necessary fertilizers and nutritious food source, as well as subsequent maintenance and plant care.

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Automatic system and drip irrigation.

Automatic system and drip irrigation

Automatic watering system - is the construction of the underground type pads, which function is timely, smooth and uniform irrigation of landscaped areas set automatically. Backbone equipment automatic irrigation system consists of sprinklers (sprinkler heads), solenoid valves (responsible for opening and closing the water supply to the irrigation areas), controller (computer-aided management of irrigation). Additional equipment: plastic pipe for irrigation fittings piping connections, sensors (rain, soil moisture). Advantages of automatic irrigation system: uniformity of irrigation water savings (up to 50 percent), the accuracy of dosing water, timely irrigation, reduction of manual labor to a minimum.

Drip irrigation - one of the alternative methods of irrigation, which enables you to evenly and sparingly pour your green spaces. Due to the method of drip irrigation water is fed directly into the root zone of plants. The most common options are micro-irrigation - drip irrigation drip irrigation fields and plants (ornamental and food crops).

Watering system is not a luxury, it is simply a personal savings of time and effort. Heavy buckets, long hoses, uneven irrigation - that's familiar to many disadvantages of manual work. Today watering system installed not only on small suburban areas, but also in large areas: stadiums, parks, etc.

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Landscape and facade lighting. Pond lights. Christmas lighting.

Landscape and facade lighting.  Pond lights.  Christmas lighting.

In suburban areas should be given special attention to the lighting, to the question of do or not do can be answered simply: they admire you most likely will not only light, but also in the dark. Garden lighting not only helps you feel comfortable and confident in the night for your garden, it will emphasize the beauty of the night landscape, adding new colors and changing the form of familiar elements. It is not just fashionable but also very useful and convenient. Installing lighting, you can select cover or vice versa, hide some places, land area. Thus drawn attention to one thing and distracted from something else. Provided the color of plants, emphasizes the transparency of water.

Careful landscaping, gardening, facade lighting and water - it's a great opportunity to give an unusual appearance gardening area, any building, structure or pond. Landscape lighting system, make the garden sparkle with new, unexpected colors and illuminated pool or gazebo can become its real decoration. By nightfall, light designers embodied in the form of glowing trees, various outlandish highlights create a harmonious, fabulous, breath the atmosphere of your landscape, the park or the facade.

"We light the holiday." Ex azdnichnoe lighting. It is no secret that the lighting changes the mood of the person. Therefore it is not in vain in anticipation of the holidays streets are transformed beyond recognition, filling everything and all the festive spirit.

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Construction of ponds and reservoirs. Creating streams, waterfalls and fountains.

Construction of ponds and reservoirs.  Creating streams, waterfalls and fountainsWater since time immemorial fascinated man his attention. Looking at the falling water at a waterfall or fish floating in the pond listening to the murmur of water from the fountain of people are able to throw off the accumulated tension, recharge tranquility and gain strength for a long time. Nowadays, when the time is running very fast, people, more than ever, need to be able to relax and unwind. Fountain has always been considered an element of luxury and financial wealth. As an element of architectural design, the fountain was used relatively recently, thanks to the rising popularity of feng shui. Today the fountain is quite accessible to man, even with average incomes.

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Elements of landscape architecture. Hardscape (MAFy).

Elements of landscape architecture.  Hardscape (MAFy)Everyone knows that being a social creature, man strives to society of their own kind, but the remaining part of nature, people involuntarily tends to feel her presence, touch smell the flowers, hear the rustle of leaves. People decorate their homes with live plants, create parks, gardens, alleys, green areas for recreation, using different elements of landscape architecture.

In the modern concept of landscape architecture - a way to give an aesthetic appearance of residential environment, leveraging living objects.

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Fertilizers and plant protection products. Garden chemistry.

Fertilizers and plant protection products.  Garden chemistry. Of course, it is impossible to do when caring for a garden without fertilizer. Modern fertilizers - is a product of high technology. They are balanced in composition - contain all the necessary elements for the plant complex supply; functional - not dissolved by water and decomposed by soil bacteria, the duration of which coincides with the period of active growth of plants, so that the bacteria release batteries, transforming them into digestible form for the plant.

The second integral part of gardening - pest and pathogens. Folk remedies for such a struggle, of course, exist. But in some cases, "Chemical Garden" is much more effective and at the same time safe enough.

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Storm drainage and surface drainage.

Storm drainage and surface drainage.

There are several reasons to create the plot or infrastructure system and stormwater drainage.

• installing drainage on the plot, you will not only help prevent soil erosion and drainage of excess melt and groundwater, but also protects your drainage area land, it becomes more loose and fertile, while preserving all their nutrients. Ie creates ideal conditions for planting trees and shrubs, allowing you to enjoy the landscape design.

• Properly designed and well made surface drainage and storm drainage will significantly increase the life of the infrastructure, bring comfort and cleanliness in your area courtyards, streets and gardens.

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