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Our developments

Our developments

Our developments

Innovative development of our experts is not just ahead of their time. They serve as a guide for many market participants. We offer a unique and highly effective products that many of our overall customers nationwide.

Water motor control device.


  • management of single-phase / three-phase pump;
  • hardware protection against flooding of the pump in the well where the pump is installed;
  • logical protection of the pipeline break;
  • logical protection dry run;
  • manual mode;
  • Surge protection devices;
  • ability to work with any type of electric pumps and power;
  • 1 year warranty.

Remote control drain pump or water pump for pumping water into the watering tank.


  • one level off the pump,
  • another level includes a pump.
  • Drainage: the upper level includes a pump and a lower level off without letting the pump run without water.
  • Watering tanks for lower level includes a downhole pump or open e / m valve and the upper level off the pump shuts e / m valve.
  • device is safe, Mains 220V.
  • ability to work with any type of electric pumps and power;
  • 1 year warranty.

These are a few of our achievements. A team of professionals "101 landscapers" constantly working to develop new projects, adding to the world's treasury of ideas and achievements.

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